48 days times 2

Color me stupid, but I thought you had to have a pod or be a pod or be in a pod or be somepody to listen to podcasts. Were they ever only playable on IPods? Or am I just THAT old? :-|

There is a ridiculous amount of stuff I could have been listening to all this time!

For example, I love Dan Miller! He’s a life coach from Tennessee and not one of those that teaches by bragging about all of his many accomplishments and how you, too, can be just like him for only $99.99.

He’s from the Dave Ramsey School of responsibility and stop-whining-and-just-do-it, but he hides it better than Dave does, which helps, being the nurturing life coach and all that he is.

As of today, there are 96 days left in the year. That’s 48 days times 2. That gives me 48 days to catch up on podcasts and another 48 days to just do it.

So, in October, the month that, according to numerology (not a huge fan, I just think it’s fun to play with), is the best predictor of the following year, I’m committing to one-page-a-day to get the toughest chunk of this thing on paper/screen. Then, by November 1st, I’ll be soooo ready for the annual NaNoWriMo, which I’ll use to finish.

Thanks, Dan. It’s obviously newsletter day! Now that I gathered all that strength to push the button, it’s podcast day, too!