Like sand thru the hourglass...

I know it's an irreverant phrase, but I am wasting time.

Boston Legal’s extra-long season premiere airs tonight!! I love, love, love that show. It’s the imaginary place where morality sits right beside legality, and both always win in the end. Well, if they don’t, we somehow understand – mad cow and all. John Laroquette joins the cast, too. I don’t know how the writers will have time in each episode to fit his and Alan’s closing arguments, but I can’t wait to see. Michelle Pfeiffer must beam with pride every day.

Today is the last day of registration for the Muse Online Writers Conference. I’ve never done something like this, but think I will try it out. It sounds like fun!

The Indiana Clean Elections Summit is Saturday! This group should be so proud of this accomplishment. I’m so happy to be a small part of it.

National headlines:
Bush announces a health plan.
Hillary’s not a lesbian.
Clooney is in tux after bike accident.
Jessica Alba admits to being super-dorky.

These, when the real news is that it’s raining in Indiana this morning! I might be able to skip a dose or two of the allergy meds, if it keeps up.

But seriously, did you know that an assembly of more than five is considered an illegal gathering in Burma (Myanmar)? And that the last time they had a protest like the one this week, the military opened fire on the crowd killing thousands of the protesters? And that, right now, the military is heading towards the crowd who are still protesting? God bless them. Where would we be without people like this?

After reading about this, I have a renewed strength to stand up for the (much smaller) things in which I believe, and a new appreciation (mixed with a pang of guilt) for a few silly American headlines and another irrelevant blog post.