If only...

Today would be Clay McKemie’s birthday. He would be a Senior this year and enjoying his last birthday lunch with his high school buddies in the cafeteria, probably talking about the weekend and college applications. Plus, this year, his birthday falls on a Friday, which would make it perfect for celebrating along with after-school games, events, and parties.

If only.

In honor of his (and Sean Wilkinson’s) memory, I want to post this note to encourage any parent who stumbles upon my blog (and I thank you) to be vigilant and diligent about information.

Obviously, we shouldn’t make decisions without information. But when information isn’t available, how can we, as parents, make responsible decisions - decisions about things that would never even cross our minds?

Please, please, please read and search and TALK, TALK, TALK to each other. We can speak our minds, voice our opinions, and communicate our thoughts. We can ask our questions loudly and boldly. We can tell people about our own experiences. We can tell people what we’ve read, what we know, what we’ve heard, what we’ve seen. We can offer to them what we would and wouldn’t do and why.

Just imagine what might be different. Of course, nothing changes for Clay and Sean’s families, but we might change the future for another family. Clay (and Sean, and the families, of course) would really like that, I think.

I can’t even express how happy that would make me. This, my blog/diary/column/opinion/editorial/voice, has never been intended to be negative or controversial, but to be used for freelance marketing and original expression. I think both are apparent to the reasonable reader. And if God’s plan is that any of my beliefs, opinions, or unanswered questions (I’m known for those!) about any of the hodgepodge of topics here resonate with a visitor and possibly spark a connection for conversation, I am grateful.

But, supremely, I am grateful for Clay and Sean telling me their stories from 500 miles away. I think of them always and I know I always will.

Today, I remember and celebrate both boys’ birthdays. Today, from now on, and in nothing but Love.