About Me

Think about a squirrel in a frenzy to gather its family's late Fall nuts. That's me trying to get enough information. Lucky for me, because I spend a good part of my day as a Technical Writer. We’ve been around for years and years, of course, spinning geeky language into plain English. Prioritizing, organizing, interviewing, writing, testing, and training along the way.

I have worked on various technical and business writing projects since 1991. During this bewildering number of years, I have developed corporate and adult education training materials, process documentation, application user manuals, operations manuals, FDA submission documentation for medical devices and drugs, online help, web content, computer systems validation packages, and internal policies and procedures to the standard required for NIST, NERC, Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, and CobiT compliance. I have also developed nontechnical material, such as process improvement and strategic plans, newsletters for political and non-profit organizations, educational articles, web copy, and biographical pieces for publication.

My experience working in various industries provides me with a versatility that a lot of other technical writers don't have. Some of my career has been spent serving in Business Analyst and Developer roles. This technical foundation gives me an advantage on documentation projects: a proven ability to quickly identify and discern usable information and communicate it clearly to any audience.

For more details, read about my services and view my complete resume.

On a more personal note, I recently moved to Tucson, Arizona, after a beleaguering 14 years in Indianapolis, Indiana. My son lives here, and I am so lucky. I get to live the life of a tourist now, which is just what I needed and hoped for in this late autumn of life. I’m already learning soulful lessons in the desert, the mountains, the monsoons, the history, the people, and the room to breathe. At times, I'm shakily navigating uncharted territories, but gratefully, I'm finding my way and, of course, documenting it.