Even the Bad Writers

Ahhhh, The Office. I cried laughing so hard at last night’s show when Michael was playing an iTunes snippet of another pitiful James Blunt song over and over again. When Jim told him he should just buy the song, he said he didn’t want to spend all that money. And when he put a pen mark on the waitress’ arm! And Ryan having a laundry list of excuses in his PDA. Just hilarious.

I also TiVo the Craig Ferguson Show every night and watch his monologue every morning before work. Why? I’ve had a crush on him for years, that’s why. Jewel was on the show last night/this morning and performed her new song about her life in Stephenville, Texas. She’s such a unique and gifted songwriter.

I am such a fan of great writing! And so envious of great writers. To be that creative. And that unique. And to follow what just has to be a calling. I don’t know how they stand themselves. I’d be celebrating myself constantly.

But this appreciation makes me especially sensitive to bad writing, too. Like most of the articles I’ve ever read in the Ladies Home Journal magazine. And those oh so many books that say in 500 pages what could and should be said in 10. 

So while bad writing is a chore, I’m glad for it because it makes me appreciate and recognize good writing even more. And, besides, bad writers need love, too. I know.