Annual Gratitude Exercise 2008

So another year come and gone and, at the risk of sounding even older than last year, I don’t think it could have happened any faster.

Things are pretty different now, but I got such a nice, gentle transition into it, I’m okay. There was an initial soggy separation period, but then and luckily I got busy enough to occupy my time and my mind. That helped me pass through the emotional stage pretty quickly, and now I think I'm actually okay with happy about being alone in the house.

Well, there is the dog. So, I’m not actually alone. I still have familial responsibility. And she’ll probably outlive me.

I am currently reaping the joy of what can happen when you open up to and ask for help from a supportive and most kind friend. I am learning that this is acceptable and, in fact, what life is all about. I am un-learning a lifetime of bulldog-ed-ness about forcing my independence on myself.

I’ve been in Indianapolis six years now. And since May of this year, I’ve worked in Plainfield, a few miles west of Indianapolis. If someone had told me this ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m grateful, mind you, but I’m expecting greater things.

I feel like 2007 and 2008 have been years of analysis and preparation and that 2009 will be more of an active year. I hope so, anyway.

And here’s my annual tribute to my tiny corner of the Universe in 2008:

  • Work
  • Not being an employee, not having performance reviews and not spending every day of my life talking about the time I have until retirement from the one job I’ve had my entire life
  • Dave Ramsey, the financial father I never had
  • No more conversations with ex-husband EVER EVER EVER about ANY ANY ANY thing
  • Sticking to my principles
  • People who give so freely and unconditionally to others
  • Amy Jointer, Amy Jointer, Amy Jointer
  • Writer’s Success Group, Cynthia Morris, and the armchair view to her journey
  • More faithfulness and peace
  • Road trips and rental cars
  • I-40 between Knoxville and Asheville
  • The nice men at Carney Sandoe and Cary Academy
  • Email, Netflix, Libraries
  • Five fantastic years of Boston Legal
  • Eye contact
  • High school graduation and the trip to college
  • Being thought of, a surprise card and email
  • A Texas lawyer and parents who do the right thing
  • The characters of my son and his friends
  • Friends, teachers, writers, mentors, coaches
  • Hearing "It's all bullshit" and knowing it was time to just do it
  • Good books
  • Politics, democracy, this country and learning from different points of view
  • Freedom, a great house-sitter and a worn out welcome
  • Perspicacity
  • And of course, health, safety, comfort, hope, faith, and love

 I am looking forward to 2009. I have it on good authority that good things are coming.