That's Entertainment?

My neighbors are nap nazis. A memo is sent to them if I head anywhere near my bedroom at any time of the day, and they prepare for annihilation. We live in ranch-style houses. Fine and all, but somebody’s (their) driveway ends up right next to someone else’s (my) bedroom. And the Nazis have added width to their driveway to include an extra-close parking lot for the nazi boat, the nazi RV, the nazi truck, the nazi van, and the nazi car. So, while normal distance between houses is probably 50 feet, I get about 10 or 15. But, it never fails. I lie down, and they muster up a trip (each trip requires loud conversation and at least ten door slams). They’re retired, so they piddle. A LOT. And they go to and fro. A LOT. It’s like they leave for grocery items one. at. a. time. Freekin nazis.

I was perusing Tom Jones CDs on Amazon. I like to do a Sample All sometimes. I stumbled on this review for his Greatest Love Songs compilation, and it cracked me up. She’s got the poor man on a schedule. I would never do that.

“Tom Jones is the man, he was back in the old days and he still is today. He has a beautiful voice and I like to listen to him at least 3 times a week.”

Sabrina the dog insists on making a fool of me. I’ve taken her to a vet for emergencies twice in her life. She’s twelve. The first time was due to a nasty case of the inside-outs after a week-long stay at doggie day care. The other dogs proved to be too much for her. But, no sooner had we left the vet’s office, Miss Thang was back to her old perky self. No runs, no problems. Last week, I took her for an eye issue, and they investigated her spine when I told them she was having recent issues about jumping on things and playing froggie (I thought she may have hurt herself falling off a couch pillow). It’s her back, they said. Pain pills. X-rays. Blood tests. Meds. Diet food (apparently, a dog can't be too thin either). $303. We got home and you can guess what happened. Running. Jumping. Playing. Like a stinkin’ puppy. I let her have a few pain pills anyway. Always the cool mom.

Austin's going to a concert tomorrow night in Athens, Georgia. Come to find out it's at the 40 Watt Club. I used to go to the 40 Watt in the early eighties during my stint at UGA. Wacky world. (Although, I think the location has changed since my day.)

ANT. Does anyone know who that is? He’s a comedian who won Last Comic Standing, I think. He’s pretty funny, but that’s not why I mention him. He has a blog that I ran across after hearing that his partner died. (At this point, you may want to feel sorry for me – as though I have nothing better to do and such – but it really was by accident that I headed down this path. So don’t judge me. Walk a mile. Etc.) Anyhoo, like I said, he has a blog. His New Year’s v-log-thing-y is called You V2.0 Reinvention Tour. I like that. A lot. 

So, I got my board, my glue stick, and my magazines, and I’m ready to do it for 2009's release of Karen V2.0. Version 1.0’s a little too fussy. And takes forever to boot.