You can have a town...

I started working for a new client Friday. First days are hectic and awkward, but they went out of their way to make it a comfortable and nice day for me. Computer accounts were set up and ready to use, a whole desk was provided (no cube share, no corner of Bob’s desk “until we find a place for you”), and an unexpected and guided tour of the building was given.

It’s impossible to appreciate everything in just one day, but, looking at going back on Monday morning, I’m a little excited. This client is right on Monument Circle, the center of downtown Indianapolis, and it’s a special experience to work in such an historic area and building.

It was also fun to walk around at lunchtime in the 75-degree sunshine and see all the people scurrying about, talking, visiting, and eating their lunches on the monument steps.

I've never felt so much like Mary Richards in my life and if you know me, you know how happy that makes me. :)

Once I’m settled and a little more comfortable with folks, I want to take pictures from the roof of the building, which they have set up with tables and chairs and call the “deck”.

Indianapolis really is the perfect little downtown. Tomorrow, when I walk around the circle, I'll be looking up and mentally throwing my fuzzy blue beret in the air.