Alive for another birthday

I’m in love. With two people. Brandi Carlile and Khaled Hosseini. What finds. What treasures. I have to keep them apart, though. Each deserves undivided attention. Neither requires it nor demands it; you just want to give it, freely and happily. That’s love.

Another birthday has come and gone. This one went by too quickly. I usually enjoy a few moments each July 17th to think about my past, my present and my future. Test my contentment. Ask myself some tough questions. And, dare I say, praise myself for how far I’ve come.

I didn’t get a chance yesterday, but that’s okay. I received some much appreciated birthday wishes and messages of love, was surprised with a couple of cupcakes and cards, signed paperwork on a new contract, met with a prospect, started a class, finalized website plans with the Indiana Clean Elections committee, and had a lovely, spiritual three-hour conversation and connection with a stranger I now feel like I have known for years.

Austin and his friends returned safely from Chicago's Pitchfork Festival and brought home great stories about some fascinating characters they met. I sent my 45-day lease termination notice, which is a consuming sadness and uncertainty, but the finality of the decision is even a blessing.

Love, work, and a safe, happy kid. Oh, and still alive. Another successful birthday.