Space Invasion

I don’t know what’s going on but, for the past four evenings, strangers with badges and clipboards have knocked on my door. One will come by, then another about every 15 minutes. It must be their attempt at divide and conquer, but they obviously don’t communicate about what houses have already been ambushed.

Nothing (well, almost nothing) makes me madder than people I don’t know invading my personal space, in which I include all house entrances.

I only open my door to either someone I recognize or someone less than 4 feet tall (they’re cute and sometimes have candy).

The last one got a little snippy that I wouldn’t open the door and communicated my lack of interest and frustration at the multiple attempts at solicitation to the peephole. I guess he felt like he had every right to invade my privacy and that I was being rude. As usual, the nutty situations boil down to degrees of dumb.