My life has slowed down considerably in the past year and I still haven’t shaken the feeling of being unproductive. Austin’s in Atlanta visiting his grandparents and cousins and having a great time. He actually called me today, which I’m still not over. He’s usually hard to keep on the phone for more than about 30 seconds when he goes out of town.

I can’t wait for Saturday. I get to meet the Alliance for Democracy crew here in Indy. They’re ramping up public campaign funding efforts in the state and working on a summit in September. I hope they like me and let me help! I really do think public funding is the key to a better, more populist, democracy. I just finished an introductory Clean Elections DVD hosted by Bill Moyers (love) that the Director lent me after a quick (I actually rambled for two hours – poor Stevie!) hook-up at Wild Oats last week. I’m in that high-hope phase, until told otherwise.

I have four books ready for pick-up at the library and ten more on hold. Nobody told me Joy Fielding came out with a new book in April. My favorites are JF, Jodi Picoult, Elizabeth Strout, Elinor Lipman, and Fannie Flagg. I surely thought I kept up well with their book release dates, but the years do seem to be spinning by faster these days. Or maybe I’m spinning slower.

I’m working on my class presentations and content and enjoying every minute of it.

I placed my monthly Amazon order and can’t wait for my 3-CD-set of Federico Mompou music!

I think we finally have a nice, reliable, reasonable lawn service guy arranged for one of the three widows who live behind and on either side of me. I hate to hear the stories about service people who have overcharged them, failed to show up for appointments, or just treat them badly. I hope all goes well tomorrow. This guy did some work for me last fall and he went out of his way to do a great job.

I’m reading through Austin’s college workshop material and learning a lot about the process. It sure has changed since 1980 when I was putting stamps on my applications!

I enrolled in a Writer’s Weekly class that starts in July, a day before my birthday. I thought it would be a nice present to myself.

I successfully gave the evil eye to a rude and ridiculous woman at my day job. She looked shocked that someone would look at her so coldly. It was a happy moment and I couldn't help but walk away and smile. She has to be my age and tries so hard to be cute. She spends hours upon hours on personal calls every day, laughing at her own cute comments, and flirting like she wasn’t married with three children. Have I mentioned she has two first names? Ruthann. Nauseating. She should have picked one at age 25.

I’ve organized a plea/plan/proposal that I will submit to a Director at my day job tomorrow, since their direction and finances have changed (rumor has it). And in preparation for an outcome that involves less or no work, I have updated and consolidated an “Opportunities Listing” spreadsheet of contacts I’ve made over the last few years.

I tried a new scallops recipe. It wasn’t great, but a nice try. Sabrina enjoyed a lot of them.

So, even though I feel unproductive, maybe I’m just productive in a new way. I may not be out driving the roads constantly carting my kid to and fro or attending school and extra-curricular activities on a daily basis anymore, but I’m still getting things done. Just less parental and a whole lot slower.