T shopping for the SAT

“Ian and I are going tea shopping, so I’ll be home after that,” my near-17-year-old son called to tell me after school today.

Say whaaaaat???

After some investigation, I found out that Austin and Ian and a few other boys are going to Allen’s house tonight for an SAT study party and they’ve decided that the tea stands for the “T” in SAT. So they're going to drink tea and study (between video games, I suspect).

Ian was the obvious choice to go tea shopping because he’s British. And Austin’s on the rugby team which made him worldly-guy runner-up.

My contribution to the evening was the Applause-O-Matic Happy Meal toy I got today at McDonalds. It’s a pair of clapping hands they can use quizzing each other and doing what the “S” in SAT stands for: STUDY!!!!!!!!