I’ve been on a discouragement downward spiral since a couple of writing rejections earlier this month. Rejection is a strong word when your writing is just disregarded. I didn’t get a letter from anyone saying, “We reject you”. They just assume I’ve figured it out by now.

On top of that, a current project has been too slow for my liking, so I’ve felt pangs of uselessness. And, on top of even that, a decades-long friendship ended on principle and with a telephone hang-up. But, I have felt sorry for myself long enough.

I finally put my confidence and effort and time where it should have been initially. It’s a wonder to me how every single stinkin’ time I watch Joyce Meyer’s television show, her topic is custom-made for me. On a recent show about attitudes, John Maxwell defined discouragement (you talkin’ to me?) as the difference between expectation and reality. I know I’ve always had high expectations and it has always caused me unnecessary grief. If Joyce has told me once she’s told me a hundred times to put my confidence in God, not in people. I’m like her (and God’s) unruly toddler. The one they would just shake their heads at wondering why I don’t understand that the stove is hot already.

So, I prayed and prayed for a new attitude and a new local friendship or two and received so many gifts in return.

My full-time project is moving again. I’ve been asked to do some work for a client I worked with last year and am enjoying the renewed relationship. I’ve accidentally (ha) reconnected with a local friend with whom I had lost touch. I’m going on a long weekend trip to Holland, Michigan by myself, which Miss Hazel, my replacement Mom, thinks is “just grand”. I’ve found two new blogs that I love and love. I’m a late adopter, so probably the last to know Ross and Heather. They don’t know me, of course, but getting to know them makes me happy. And the JELCC summer catalog is out.

I may even write some more on my novel soon. I’m officially on UNSHUN (Dwight reference). I hope RESHUN isn’t in the offing. I guess that’s up to me, though. I’ve been given the gifts, it’s up to me to receive. Stove. Hot. Yay. Cookie.

Speaking of Miss Hazel, she’s moving to a senior’s retirement apartment complex and I’m excited for her. She knows some folks who already live there, she won’t have any homeowner worries, and she’s going to have free cable TV for the first time in her life! She’s a news and PBS show junkie on the air (antennae? I don’t remember what to even call this situation) channels, so she may never leave her apartment. I can’t wait to visit her this summer! We’ve discussed sneaking out to the casino. What a hoot.