I'm not ready

My son’s senior year of high school is quickly approaching. He has registered for the SAT and the ACT. He has started discussions with his counselor about what classes to take his senior year (his school is huge and has a course catalogue comparable to some small colleges). And we have an appointment next month with the counselor to discuss college choices and strategies.

We actually had a discussion about UGA last night. I was very supportive, because, for some time now he has wanted to major in biology and eventually go into medical research, which I think is one of the best fields for the future and something at which I know he would excel given his science and math grades and passion. But it sure is far away and definitely not conducive to weekend trips home.

We also talked about IU, which is just an hour or so away from Indianapolis. I said, “Great, you can come home on weekends and we can do stuff!” And he just looked at me - I think with pity - and let me know, “Most of my friends will be going there, so, if I go there too, I won’t really be coming home.”

As it should be. Ready or not.