Lasts and Firsts

Yesterday, Austin had senior pictures taken and we went to dinner and Blockbuster. It was the first four hours we’ve spent together outside of the house in months. Austin was damn near pleasant to me (he’s always pleasant to everyone else). Another last and first.

And I’m going to say it was a perfect evening. Even an encounter with a stupid girl didn't taint the festivities, because the conversation was so entertaining that I had to write it down. Good times and material.

Prestige Portrait Studio hires professional photographers, but the people who work in the customer service area are apparently high school kids. They hum and sing and pull each other’s hair and giggle and generally behave like children attempting unsuccessfully to be grown.

Barbie-Adult-Wanna-Be: Name.

Me: Karen Rutherford

BAWB: Phone number.

Me:  317-410-3599.

BAWB: Really? That’s the number we’ve been calling all week to remind you of the appointment. Each time we call, someone tells us it’s the wrong number.

Me: Well, that's really odd because I haven’t received any calls. I have my phone right here. Do you want to try dialing it?

She does. It rings.

BAWB: I guess you need to find out who’s been answering your phone then.

Me: Huh?

BAWB: Someone keeps answering and telling us that we have the wrong number. You need to find out who’s doing that.

Me: Huh?

She started to repeat it. But the thought of that gave me those chills I get at the thought of fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

Me: I really don’t think that makes sense. It sounds like whoever called was just misdialing.

BAWB: We have 317-410-3599, like you told us. That’s the number we’ve been calling.

No matter how many times we did this, there was never going to be a happy ending. Even Austin was shaking his head at me in his familiar and unspoken “just let it go” affirmation.

So, I went to my happy place of looking forward to dinner at KJ’s (practicing to sound like a regular) in less than an hour.

I could eat every meal (if not for the awkward explanation I'd have to provide the loan officer) for the rest of my life at Kona Jack’s in Indianapolis. Last night was Sesame-seared Scallops, and Spider Rolls, and Mona Kona Miso soup. Oh My!

It’ll take me a week to get over it. And lucky for me, that’s exactly the amount of time I’ll need, too, because Lisa Munniksma and I have an appointment for dinner there on our way to a Spirit and Place Festival event on the 16th.