Run Granny Run

Run Granny Run airs on HBO this Thursday, October 18th, 9pm.

I recently had my own personal “run”-in with Granny D. She was the keynote speaker at our Citizens’ Summit last month and I had the pleasure of driving her to her hotel for a rest after her speech.

During our entirely too short car ride, I learned that our organization’s fearless leaders had taken her to a restaurant where belly dancers entertained at the table.

She said, “It was certainly something to see!”

Worried that I might be in for an earful, I treaded lightly.  “Well, it sure is a good thing you weren’t offended by it.”

To which she enthusiastically replied, “Ohhh, my dear, it was offensive, indeed. But I loved it!”

There are no words. Like everyone else, I gushed about how remarkable she was, but it really didn’t even scratch the surface of what I meant.