Being detailed oriented

I love days like this. In 2005, I worked on a project with a woman who became the fourth person on my list of “deal-breakers” (people with whom I refuse to work – so far there are five).

She was a combination of idiot and attempted bitch. Attempted, because it’s impossible to be both.

There are so many things to choose from, but….

She had Bible scriptures taped all over her overhead cubicle cabinets. I think it was her contribution to teach and help her fellow man, because they were all at perfect eye level for passers-by or visitors, but, of course, out of her line of sight.

She loved to start sentences with, “I’m sorry if you feel that way” and “Since you're not an employee here”.

She carried her $1,500 purse to meetings. Most meetings were twenty feet from her desk. And the damn purse always managed to make its way to the middle of the conference room table. (I used to love watching her repeatedly move it here and then there - all the while scouring the room for attention.)

She put MBA beside her name in her email signature.

‘Nuff said.

Well, maybe just one more….

She was a certified personal trainer, and loved to talk about how cute that made her. She also fell asleep for hours at her desk every day. On particularly fun days, you could hear her snore. It’s hard to be impressed by a fitness expert with that kind of energy.

Then, today, almost two years later, a gift from the Heavens. Her name popped up on some networking website I ran across.

Her list of credentials and skills said many things, but ended with this:

Creative and detailed oriented.

That’s no typo, my friends.