5-HTP and 13,000 words

5-HTP is an amino acid that regulates the brain’s serotonin levels. According to Wikipedia, “ serotonin is believed to play an important role in the regulation of body temperature, mood, sleep, emesis (vomiting), sexuality and appetite”. Low serotonin levels have been linked to depression.

My friend in North Carolina is a wealth of information on holistic medicine and, after hearing one too many whiny voice mails from me, recommended I try the 5-HTP. She even included the necessary dosage through muscle testing.

She said I should notice a difference in two to three weeks, but I noticed a difference in only two days. It’s been a godsend for me. Yesterday, I helped an elderly lady at the grocery store. Two people, on two separate occasions while running errands, asked me if I needed help finding something (and in a helpful, sincere way, not in the annoying, can I help you...can I help you now....how 'bout now way). I had a long and happy conversation about Tennessee with a landscaper doing work on my yard. I exchanged a laugh about something I can’t remember now with a guy at a drive-thru. Last night, I did the laundry, ironed, vacuumed, swept and noticed I had been singing to myself throughout the entire process. And then I went to a play at my son’s school by myself and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Today hasn’t been as memorable, but no matter how hard I try (it’s foreign to my nature not to try), I can’t hold on to a negative thought.

I also haven’t felt this purposeful in what feels like ages. Thus, my Nanowrimo update: 13,152 words as of today. I should be at 28,333 for the month to finish successfully, but that’s their definition of success, not mine. I feel successful already and that’s worth the 15,000 words I lack.