A Quick and Insufficient Thank You

The older I get, the more grateful I become - for lots of things, but mostly for the people I've known. I want to let them know that they’ve altered my life by something they’ve done or maybe just said. I know how differently things could have turned out without them.

The list, in random order, grows each year and, for that, I’m also grateful. I'll never be able to return all the kindnesses. I can just say "thank you" and hope they know how much they have meant.

Miss Hazel - For being my new mom and giving me insight and perspective

Bryan R - For Austin R

Austin R - For my life

Tami - For helping me through my divorce with my father and my move to Indianapolis

Sheila - For always knowing just when to touch base and for my transition to a new life in Indianapolis

Deb - For being a constant and remembering and laughing at pains of the past

Brad B - For the simple “just let it go”

Mike H - For being my lifesaver and becoming my friend

Mike S - For the $80

Ruth N - For the call the day before I discovered my contract was ending

Darbies - For the inspiration

Cynthia M - For the practical and supportive words

Janet B - For encouraging me through the time when I thought everything was my fault

Mary R - For the great story

Mom - For being the one who put it all together

MawMaw - For being my family

Deb F - For being there and not judging

Patty R - For the good times and the introduction to JN

UbF - For calling me "dear", for crossing the street, for rolling down the windows, and for sending flowers

Bryan F - For the card

Jeff M - For the friendship, encouragement and the challenges

Hal G - For the jobs and the nice words

Ping P - For new directions and chances

Pamela A - For the distraction during the transition to Memphis

Melinda - For my 40th birthday

Ms. Newton - For being the best thing about Mississippi….and for the salsa

Linda R - For keeping us for 3 months

Joan W - For letting me move in

Joyce M - For the light

Mr. Barry Mitchell and Ms. Natasha Brewer -