Something Wicked (Good) This Way Comes

The best birthday in a while. Lovely dinner(s). Only people I like came near my work area. Wishes from people who mean an awful lot to me. Surprise wish from someone I haven't thought of in a while, but am so glad that she thought of me. A few cards including a pretty darn funny one about being old. My father's didn't, for which I am grateful because I really hope he's moved on. My son called and said, "Happy, Happy Birthday". Not only did he remember, but TWO Happies! I'm convinced he wants something, but I'll think about that another day. Nobody anywhere near me in Target and when I asked the checkout lady where the restroom was, she said, "Go ahead and go. You'll feel better, and I'll just save your place." That called for peanut M&Ms. Gas at $2.19. Nary a road riot. Brady Bunch (luvs) cards and a note from Austin. The return of thoughtfulness? UPS man delivered my new Rob Thomas CD, Once, and Quinn Cummings' first book. And then a second UPS man (the theme of two treats in one continues) came with new chair covers. Visa back to zero. Clean sheets. Clean dog. And just now, the little family of bunnies hopping and playing in the freshly cut grass. I guess they're as happy as I am about the 60-degree, breezy evening. I don't know what all this goodness means, but I'm diggin' it and figure it has to be the start of something really big.