Lucky Charms

This morning, while stopped in an intersection waiting for an extended family of Canadian geese to cross the road, I started thinking about life in my potential new condo.

While I’m not thrilled about it, I am thrilled about it. There’s a pros and cons list, as with anything, but I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. 

  • It has a little spot for Sabrina to sit in the sun and take care of first thing in the morning and last thing at night business. 
  • It has huge closets for stuff. 
  • It has a good-sized enclosed porch area out front (with a front door an acceptable distance from anyone else's front door) and a deck out back. 
  • It has fantastic new windows. 
  • No kids. No basketball hoops. 
  • It has a really 1970s kitchen which will probably limit my time in there (a very good thing). 
  • It’s about half the monthly expense I’m used to. 
  • I can still call someone when something breaks or gets a hangnail. 
  • It’s closer to the highway and the airport for easier escape. 
  • It’s a nudge out of Indy (no complaints, lovely place, but in the wise, wise words of Supertramp, "I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on"). 
  • There are five people in this block of condos: The single elderly man on the end has recently been put on oxygen (so you know he barely moves and certainly won’t be sawing or hammering things). His single lady neighbor is a retired professor and walks dogs for folks. 
  • Then, and this is the weightiest of all: the people who would be on either side of me. I know the neighbor on one side - a cool, single, retired lady who spends lots of her time traveling and working on research projects. The neighbor on the other side is a single male - a prosecuting attorney with grown and gone children who, rumor has it, hates noise! I love him already.

With all of this written, the cons hardly deserve a mention. Austin won’t be thrilled because it’s not a hop, skip and a jump to Broad Ripple, but hey and like he says, my decisions aren’t about him anymore.

So now I’m off to buy the most special-est of notebooks, because I have my first of six summer coaching sessions Monday, and I can’t wait to write down all I learn about creating my new life.