Saturday Morning Commercials

I can’t tell you the last time I was in public at 8am on a Saturday, but if it weren’t for the get-up-and-go required, I’d do it more often. Despite being chilly and windy, a friend and I visited the Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market. A lot of the good stuff was gone, but I got some great tomatoes. (What are grocery store tomatoes made from anyway? I can’t really tell, but whatever it is, it’s a far cry from tomato seeds (or however that works)). I think this market will be great once the season really kicks in.

The Fresh Market at College and 54th was the nicest shopping experience I’ve had in a while, too. (I went to Marsh later in the day for something in particular and barely got out alive.) They have a lot of the typical things but a bushel of the unexpected.

And I don’t know what happened to The Barking Dog Café, but it’s much better now than it was last year. A purple and orange (I know, but it works) theme, new awnings, new tables and chairs, and a crab roll to rival any I’ve tasted (not that I’m a connoisseur).

Speaking of not being a connoisseur, when Austin and I went to Ogunquit a few years ago, we could not stop talking about our fantastic meal at the Fisherman's Catchin nearby Wells. Well, and this says a lot about us as human beings, of course, the Fisherman’s Catch was just named top Maine restaurant by Yankee Magazine. See? We’re something, I know.

My Saturday morning friend turned me on to Farm Fresh Delivery. At this point, it might sound like I'm trying to be all obnoxious hoity-toity green, but I don't mean to - I've just always loved the idea of supporting small, local businesses. Anyway, she tried another local CSA last year, but wasn’t crazy about the inflexibility. FFD has lots of customization options. Hell, they even have soup. Tomato and basil soup with roasted pine nuts. Yea, I’m in.

Austin has been horizontal since he got home from finals Friday afternoon. I think he might get up today, though. It’s Mother’s Day, of course, and I think my present is weed-eating and possibly a pick-up at the Chinese dive up the street. Oh, happy day!! My yard- and take-out boy is back for the summer, and I'm taking advantage, because this could very well be the last one.

I just realized something odd. For the first time in my life, my tiny little collection of friends (which has changed and dwindled through the years as lots of things do) includes no mothers. Although, we’re all mommies to some awesome four-legged children, which makes us equally wonderful and lovable and deserving of the day. And our "kids" are probably better behaved and cuter and better spellers than half those human ones anyway. :)