Writing Encouragement

I have had the worst time getting back into the swing of my personal writing projects. In casual email with a writer friend who was also part of The Writer’s Success Group last fall, she encouraged me to sign up for the Free Write Fling that starts May 1st. And, today, she so kindly emailed with a link to the Vibration Magazine Blog for Using Flower Essences to Enhance Writing Projects.

I haven’t used flower essences for a few years now. A former college roommate and friend introduced me to them in 2003, and I wasn’t quite convinced. Funny, though, because I recall a good number of journal entries about feeling better about things in general.

So, my new creative, confident, fluid attitude should begin in 3-5 delivery days. The Fling starts on Friday, so I may struggle until I get my dosage right.

*There’s nothing in this world like a supportive writing group or friend. If you’re in Indianapolis, you may have to look outside the borders for this, but once you find one, hang on for dear life!