February in Do More Review

While we continue to work out kinks in Karen 2.0, February’s release did have some solid improvements. The backup system was tested on the worst day of 2009 so far with a heated ultimatum to the Heavens. Results were favorable and though there was a meltdown, there wasn’t complete system failure. Small but steady progress was made on the experiment application and is currently at a 5.2% success rate. The procrastination issues have been fixed, for now. They will need close monitoring. The Leap philosophy has been embedded in the code and we are very pleased with its performance. We haven’t flipped the switch on the Leap feature yet, as we are preparing for a few upcoming changes.

Did I do more? I’m never sure until I recap through my gratitude journal.

I wrote, interviewed, searched, talked, looked forward to something, got fed up, wrote a tagline in a mere eight hours, didn’t watch television, went to Bloomington, worked, heard from Austin on Valentine’s Day, paid for a trip and a $400 gas bill, got taxes done, said no thank you to something not on the path, listened to a teleseminar, signed up for a class, put my best hex on a desperate boy, had a nice cry , tried a new restaurant, found the Storytelling Arts of Indiana, joined an online group, laughed at something that wasn’t especially funny, and was happy for a friend’s new house.

So, I think February was a success. Heading in the right direction and that’s what counts.