January in Review

February 1st marks the one-month anniversary of the release of Karen 2.0. This new version has some new features and some old kinks.

Features: It is supposed to be kinder, gentler to idiots (this has gone well, thus the use of the word idiots (actually we have noticed that it stops itself quicker when on futile tirades)). It is supposed to be working on an experiment (this has gone well and is at 4.04%). It is supposed to be more directed to writing and freelancing (this has gone well and we’ll know more as this comes together).

Kinks: Apparently, procrastination can be taken too far. We need to ask more calmly for what we need and want. We need to keep reaching out because crazy Universal connections are so meaningful and wonderful. We need to remember to repeat every minute of every day: leap and the net will appear (i.e., faith).

Kinks should be worked out soon - hopefully included in February’s service pack.