Sort of Just Talking to Myself

When I look back over 2008 someday, I have a feeling I’m going to remember July as the best month of the year. All my star readings said that the month would be filled with significant changes and synchronicities and all things outrageous, and were they right. So what if that astrological woman on CNN got blindsided by the earthquake. I believe. I believe!! 

People agreed with me in public and I had a few meals with friends and I found out some new things about said friends and a self-appointed and inept Chair I know stepped down and I think I have a year-long plan and goal and I got a good haircut and an even better (looking) handyman and I read and I wrote and I said a prayer for the IRS and the Internets and email and I laughed and I was surprised and I helped Sabrina find her froggie (three times) and I remembered an old friend fondly and realized I miss her and I posted to a new blog and I talked with “my” coach and I got to watch while my son spent his own money and I felt thought of and loved and appreciated and lucky. 

Well, except for a run-in with some stinky shoes I bought at JCPenney for $5.34 after a $15 coupon. What’s the world coming to when you can’t buy a pair of non-smelly shoes for $19.99? What’s next? $4 gas, $9 printer paper (yes! at CVS just this morning!)?

Have you ever smelled your hands after putting down a new rug? Sometimes, there’s a chemical smell that requires a shower to get rid of. Same with these shoes. Real problem is that today is my third time wearing them. I figure if you’re close enough to me to smell my shoes, then you’re too close, period, and you deserve what you get. There’s IM and email after all, there’s no need for all that face-to-face stuff. 

What I mean to say is that I can even live with my stinky shoes. (If I’m honest, though, the ride home in my non-air-conditioned (broke a couple weeks back and every time I think about paying the $500 to fix it, I get the feeling that the whole car is going to die the next day and I decide to live with it) car gets a little funky if I don’t take them off and put them in the back seat where they can get enough air flow to flow out the back window.) 

And right when I thought the month couldn’t get any better, yesterday I found a contest announcement by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  It takes a lot to make this ol’ gal giddy, but this did it. 

“Ordinary” people can donate from $10 to $2,300 for a chance to win a dinner with her. Proceeds of the raffle, of course, go towards paying her $25 million debt. I’m confused by the amount – it was $25 million a few months ago – how could it still be $25 million? Is it that whole vicious cycle of making minimum payments on a credit card? 

The rules and restrictions say “Contest limited to legal residents of the U.S. who are at least 18 years of age and who support Hillary Clinton.” Her team felt it needed to put in a disclaimer that you can’t be a hater? I guess it really does take a village.

A Clinton begging for money always makes me happy, but this. This was truly a gift from the Universe, tied up in a bow especially for me. 

Ah -- at the risk of some Christian calling me a Christian -- God is good.