Dan and Dave

Dan Miller was on Dave Ramsey’s radio and TV shows Monday, the 18th, making for a perfect combination of inspiration and perspiration: Dan works on one’s income, and Dave works on one’s outgo.

Both agreed on the five requirements for success:

  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Faith
  • Talent
  • Self-discipline

Dave said, “What’s great is that you can decide TODAY to have all five.”

They also agreed that 85% of success is identifying strengths, while only 15% is the logistics of getting there. (Where they got the percentages is not entirely clear, but who am I?!)

One of Cynthia Morris’ tasks this month was for us to identify a “Creative Leap” and the skills and qualities we used that made it a success.

Guess I’m off to make my list of how great I can be. I could be a while (not due to length of list). :)