Cynthia Morris' Creative Leaps

Leave it to Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse fame to come up with something so clever and uplifting for February.

The premise is leap year. She’s making a huge “creative leap” this year (but is saving the announcement for – get this – February 29th, the actual leap in a leap year), so she’s decided to make February a month full of leaps for her fans.

Each day, for the entire month, she’ll post a new creative leap on her blog. Today’s leap, for example, is to grab a “Creative Leap Notebook” in support of the Write it Down, Make it Happen philosophy.

I came across Cynthia’s book, Create Your Writer’s Life, way back in 2005. I entered a summer daily impulse contest and won two free coaching sessions with her. My life hasn’t been the same. If I had the money, I’d pay her to talk to me every day.

Now, I won’t post her entire month of leaps here – that’s wrong anyway - but I have added a link to the left for the month.

I haven’t leapt in years!! Hopefully, I won’t break a hip looking for my notebook.