A Two-Hour Flurry of Excitement

I was contacted Wednesday about a contract at a university in New York City and I admit, I got excited. I can’t tell you the last time I got this excited. I didn’t have the job or anything, but just the thought of six months within walking or underground riding distance of Manhattan. I’ve been working uneventfully in Plainfield, Indiana, since May, so you can imagine my thirst for ANYTHING, SOMETHING, exciting to happen.

Besides, this is what I've been waiting for. Work opportunities in other towns to expand my horizons and hone up my travelin’ gal skilz, to see how well I do venturing out into mobility. Then, if all goes well, (which I think it will, I’m a pretty strong kid) I can venture a little more, then a little more and a little more after that, until I feel in-the-know enough to spend some time abroad. Like in Canada, maybe.

And then it all hit me. The dog. My current contract. My current clients here in town. The hourly rate plus expenses hovering right around my bottom line. Six hours a week about an airplane or an airport. A whole lot of people. A whole lot of the time. 

So, I passed on pursuing it any further. It was the right decision for right now. Had it been for only three months and next fall, I think I would have tried harder to go (had I been selected, of course). I like to think so, anyway.

My numeroscope predicted two things this week: (1) a financial windfall and (2) a new opportunity and direction from unexpected, more creative, sources. 

I am ready to receive, Universe. I am ready and willing and able to receive. (And, while I’m being bold, about #1, maybe You could you make it tax-free, and about #2, maybe You could make it the second most expensive city in the country next time? *Hopefully, sarcasm won't affect my reception?)

I'm forever grateful. And did I say ready to receive?