you probably didn't know

(I saw this posted on a blog I regularly visit and thought it was cute. The idea is to pass it on to other bloggers to learn something about each other.)

I am addicted to I Love Lucy reruns. I still watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. I did not enjoy the original “An Affair to Remember”. I like Joyce Meyer.

I try not to, but I still get jealous of the successes of others. I think I could stay in the house for weeks at a time. I could eat my weight in peanut M&Ms. I have never not had a perplexing neighbor. I believe greed is the deadliest of the sins.

I often feel guilty for no reason (leftover from Catholic school days). I can be too righteous for my own good. I don’t let go easily. I’m a loyal friend and a good listener. I have good instincts about people, but sometimes don’t react accordingly. I procrastinate in dangerous proportions.

I have a consuming crush on the man in the Kleenex commercials. I google people I have known. A whole lot of people baffle me. Judaism fascinates me. Volunteering disappoints me. Love eludes me. I lock my doors at certain red lights. I fear for this country, mostly because of the alarming reproductive rates of people who should not reproduce at all.

I check my horoscope every day and my numeroscope every month. I am insanely overdue for an annual physical, but the thought of making an appointment gives me hives. I don’t feel like I deserve to get professional pedicures, so I never do.

I love not being an employee. I love not knowing where I’ll be in five years. I am perpetually grateful.