For Wasatch Academy Parents

Some still active Google search results relating to the Rome Georgia boating tragedy killing Sean Wilkinson and Clay McKemie, which was led by Steve Hall, former Darlington teacher who now works as Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at Wasatch Academy in Utah (as of 9/21/2007).

As of November 2007, the school has been made aware of Hall’s past and asked to take extra precautions. They have understandably and predictably “lawyered-up”. There is a liability release form on their website for parents to sign before letting their children participate in rigorous excursions. Now that the school is informed, I wouldn't imagine that it would hold much weight if something terrible happened, but who knows. I just hope they are legally able to at least hire a more reasonable chaperone for the chaperone.

St Pete Times witness and Coast Guard quotes (in case the above link is removed) (Yankeetown) Coast Guard Press Release

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