After a whirlwind August, with the move, start of school, project change, life, etc., September has been such a reward. Too many moments to list here, but near the top are the bathrooms at this new job. They are FABulous! Like a bank of hotel, nice restaurant or new truck stop (so I’ve heard) bathrooms, each with its own full-concrete-walled stall and shutter-like wooden doors, automatic sinks and towels, timed aroma spray. Just lovely. A breath of fresh air. Well, for a bathroom.

Last night, during the 29th episode, I finally remembered why I stopped watching Big Brother after Season One. The rewards go to the most conniving, the most hypocritical, the most obnoxious, the most lying, and the most turn-on-a-dime player. This will be the LAST season I watch. I swear. Unless I forget again in another seven years. And that's like dog years to me now.

My freak magnet is in full force and surprisingly entertaining. I was banished by the team manager, along with two other gals (one of whom is now the third person on a permanent deal-breaker list for future projects – first being a man that gurgled all day, second being a crazy person), to a $100 lunch in August to work out our communication problems. Told “don’t come back until you have this worked out.” AS IF.

I came back long enough to send a g'bye email (unprofessional move #2 in 10 years, but it had to be done). *I sound tough here, but I heard about my current job when I got back to my desk from lunch.*

Then, last week, I went to a free event at the WC and got behind a lady in the registration line who wanted to register under “her stage name”. I got a cold chill thinking I had signed up for an audition! I had nothing prepared.

I used the word “conversate” in a meeting the other night. I was using it in a joking way, but the joke wasn’t clear and I got some blank stares, hopefully confused by a rare sign of my being an idiot Psychotic.. I hate when that happens. It’s so hard to overcome. I’ll have to use a big word at the next meeting.

Austin is so seventeen. I asked about a last mom and son trip for the two of us, he said I should save my money to pay for a Spring break trip to Florida with his friends. I asked about a laptop for Christmas since he’ll need one for college, he said he needed a MacBook. I asked about a new television (ours are older than he is), he said he needed an Xbox 360 to go with. Funny, last year, I thought I had done a pretty good job raising this kid.