King me. Final Indiana move.

The Last Four Days

Came down with a nasty cold.
Went on two interviews.
Worked 24 out of 40 hours at day job.
Fixed ICE Pay Pal HTML code.
Taught class.
Arranged cable guy, gas guy, garage door guy – all of whom were EARLY!
Dealt with four plumbers and two working (one new) toilets.
Made insurance changes and filled out and faxed in forms.
Found fax machine.
Sewed a vinyl window curtain for the shower.
Lined shelves.
Got brake light and turn signal fixed on car.
Made trips to Wal-Mart and stores.
Cleaned two houses – old and new.
Adjusted to 6am alarms and start of senior year of high school.
Avoided fist fight about work boundaries.

And stayed current on Big Brother drama.

The Next Four Days


(The Secret principles have been applied to title and the next four days.)