An Ode to Ron Paul

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”   -– Mahatma Gandhi

The media talk about there being too many choices in the presidential race, to which I scream:

Too many choices!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?

I’ve never seen a group of more identical people. A vote for one is really a vote for another.

There may be a lot of pre-candidates, but there’s not an individual among ‘em. And certainly not one who’s running for us, the people.

Save one. One who stands, not for himself, but, out and alone, and 100% for America.

I’m standing at the gates of Nirvana. And its name is Ron Paul.

An Ode to Ron Paul

Integrity, loyalty, and fortitude.
The way it was, the way it should be.
Sincerity, responsibility, and logic.
All wrapped up in an impeccable voting history.

One. Ron Paul.

Rejects his own congressional pension.
Lowers his bills to avoid patient assistance claims.
Voted against the Iraq war the first time.
For smaller government, more liberties, and NO corporate games.

One. Ron Paul.

How many candidates want to solve illegal immigration?
How many want to get rid of the IRS?
How many want to leave some issues to individual states where they belong?
How many refuse corporate campaign money and everything that suggests?

Only one. Ron Paul.

I feel like I did when I found Joyce Meyer, giddy and twinkly and tingly.
I think Ron Paul might just be Hope for America, like his campaign slogan says.
Because I do feel a little sliver of hope that Americans might finally be fed up.
If we don’t begin to demand more, we don’t deserve more than another bought and paid for prez.

The one for me. Ron Paul.

I’m going to go contribute now. Even though it may just buy you some paper clips.
Today, I thank you. I appreciate your record, your character, your service to us.
Just to be near and feel the residual rain of Hope for America,
I wish I could drop everything and hit the road following you and your campaign bus.

A dream. Ron Paul. Check him out. And VOTE.


I also dream about asking these questions. If only I could.

To Joe Biden: Why must you start every sentence with “Look”? You might want to LOOK around you. There’s a big world. And it’s round. And it’s offended. By you.

To Hillary: Why? Just why? (This is rhetorical, of course, because I do know I’ll never understand.)

To Edwards and Kucinich: Seriously?

To Rudy: You’re kind of who we talk about when we say “men suck”.

To Barack: Hmmmm. You said you would support public funding if Hillary would. Sounds awfully safe. I’m still watching you, though. And hoping.

To Mitt: Oh, come on.

To Mike: Step it up, man. Or just call it a day.

To John McCain: God bless ya. How do you feel today?

To The Others: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

To the always lurking Gore: Please stay in Tennessee. I can’t afford you.

To Dr. Ron: HOPE for America. God knows we need it. And more people like you!