No Sunflower

I am no sunflower this week. I’ve been mad and sad all week. No real explanation or maybe too many explanations.

  • Yesterday, I paid 69 cents for a cucumber and $1.15 for a red onion at the grocery store. Both were pre-tax amounts. What is wrong with this world?
  • Every day, I pray a multitude of gratitude prayers asking God to help me deal with one woman who sits near me at my day job and makes eight full (no exaggeration) hours of personal phone calls every single stinking day and another woman nearby who coughs non-stop (again, no exaggeration) every single stinking day. My prayers remain unanswered.
  • I think I’ve learned that one of my best friends is doing something questionable which concerns me, but about which I’m scared to say anything, because she’s quick to rile and because more than one of my past friendships have ended on principle (mine).
  • At a funny and interesting lecture/event last night, a woman behind me snored for about fifteen minutes. Another woman in front of me repeatedly cracked her knuckles throughout the whole evening.
  • A new season of The Deadliest Catch started with drownings. It reminded me of a guy named Steve Hall of Rome, Georgia, whose blatant negligence on a kayaking trip caused two 15-year-old boys to drown two years ago. I guess it still haunts me because those boys were my son’s age, and because two days after the boys were found dead in the ocean, Mr. Hall was, according to the local newspaper, “having fun” coaching his school’s soccer team. But I digress.
  • The owner of the company I sub-contract through on my day job emailed about a possible mid-contract cut in pay. The jury’s still out on this one.
  • I had two writing submissions rejected last week, one of which really stung.
  • And I received neither emails nor phone calls from anyone who might care about any of the above.

Yes, too many explanations. Maybe next week will be better. I hope so! Hope. There it is.