CNN had a link to SixNewThings,, on its website today. Every month, the SixNewThings site highlights six new things in 70 cities and regions around North America.

I stumbled onto Loose Change,, and, while I'm not sure what I think about it yet, I sure am grateful that people have independent thoughts like this and that we live in a country where we can question the actions of our government. God knows those folks need questioning. And have, long before George W. came to be in power.

Good blogs are hard to find, but Hope Clark of FundsForWriters,, mentioned that one of her favorites is JA Konrath’s blog at He’s hilarious. Check out the captions in his picture galleries. He’s also helpful. I’m such a “late adopter”, I didn’t even know about StatCounter,, for which I just signed up to track another site (to come).

And for fun or otherwise, I've begun checking in at Creative Numerology,, to see what my week and month are going to be like. It's usually on target, too.