Thanks for the Memory

I just love this girl: This Fish Needs a Bicycle.

She takes me back to days loooong gone. She makes me think of ADP days and Studebaker’s on Windy Hill nights.

Of a bar behind Fuddrucker’s on the corner of Windy Hill and Powers Ferry Roads that meant so much to me at the time but the name of which I can’t remember now. Of Benson and Hedges Ultra Lights. Of red Pontiac Fieros. Of New Jersey’s Patty Rypkema.

Of Judd Nelson phone calls.

Of Iris Best and our mission to get her some action (*gasp* - it was the 80’s - at least we had a goal). Of leaving work to play drunk putt-putt golf. Of deck parties. Of the determination of a guy named Mark.

Of a real dinner and dancing date with Bryan Franz.

And of my swan song (and nose dive) in New York City with a poor man who liked me under a couple of false pretenses, but without which I never would have had the once-in-a-lifetime chance for so many things female.

Two tears - one sad, one happy - slowly roll down the same face of a different woman.

So, thanks for the memory
And strictly entre-nous, darling how are you?
And how are all the little dreams that never did come true?
Aw'flly glad I met you, cheerio, and toodle-oo

And thank you so much.

“Thanks for the Memory”
Written by Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin
(c) 1937 (renewed 1964) Paramount Music Corporation