A Very Phoenix Xmas!

I attended A Very Phoenix Xmas at the Phoenix Theatre with some new friends last night. I had not heard of the theatre, but I was so glad for the invitation and the experience. The show was a series of somewhat irreverent holiday plays written by local playwrights and starring a handful of players who could do it all: dance, sing, act, play instruments, and deliver lines with believable accents. They call their performance edgy and that it was. One play that cracked me up was based on the munchkins who Dorothy left behind to clean up the dead witch mess (who they discover wasn’t undeniably and reliably dead like the coroner – who blames her error on all the dancing and singing at the time - said).


The Phoenix Theatre is housed in a renovated turn-of-the-century church in the heart of the historic Chatham Arch residential district of downtown Indianapolis. The theatre mission was to fill a niche in the Indianapolis theatre community with issue-oriented plays and professional production values in an intimate setting.

I’m an “indie-wanna-be”.  I admire unique thought, music, movies, books, you name it. And now I can add the Phoenix Theatre to my list of things to appreciate.

And some new friends to enjoy getting to know.