Twas the Night Before the Return to Work

The dryer is making soft tumbling noises, the rain is steadily trickling from the roof onto the front porch, Austin is laughing like he did when he was a baby at some television show in his room, I just found video of an X-Factor (first I’ve heard of it) contestant singing a touching rendition of Somewhere on the Internet (*update: the link to the YouTube video has been removed, but this site still has a video.), and I’m re-reading Cynthia’s response to my post to her about how scared I was to stop watching TV (a seemingly impossible dream).

**I have a fantastic story about the wonder of Cynthia Morris’ coaching. Someday, when I’m through raising what looks like a perfectly grown man, I’m going to pay her to lead me where she’s always sure I can go. Anyway, two years ago, I won a summer contest and got a few free sessions with her. We talked about dreams and obstacles, imaginary and real. The most real being fear and money, which boiled down to fear of money, which boiled down to fear of no money. I needed a magical number to live on and not worry every month and to concentrate and be able to think about other things like pursuing writing dreams. A month later, I was earning that magical number, allowing us to become debt-free and create an emergency fund. Absolutely by the grace of God, His Laws of Attraction, and the Muse that is Cynthia Morris.

Her original post is here:

I'd love to stop watching television and I agree so much. I know it's key to fulfilling my life's purpose, but I also think I'd die from the silence and loneliness after just one day! :)
Posted by: Karen | November 21, 2007 at 01:39 PM

No, you would not die from the loneliness, but I understand. When I stopped reading while eating, I felt a pool of loneliness waiting to take me over. But then after a day or two, it went away and I was able to enjoy my food. I lost two pounds in two weeks just from stopping reading while eating.
In the silence without TV, you'll be able to better hear your Muse.
Posted by: Cynthia Morris | November 22, 2007 at 07:28 AM

Wait a minute. You have the key to fulfilling your life's purpose and you're not using it to open the door? What are you waiting for? Many people wander around not having the key.
Come on! Your adventure is waiting for you!
Posted by: Cynthia Morris | November 22, 2007 at 07:29 AM

**This just in: Austin was giggling at Kenny and Spenny – a new to Comedy Central show about disgusting and inappropriate boy things.