I curse you, TV Land!

I can’t stop watching I Love Lucy reruns. In fact, I can watch the same ones over and over and over. And what’s worse -- in the same day! For example, the Ricky Asks for a Raise episode came on at today at 10am, then again at around noon, then again around 5pm, then again just now. I shouldn’t know this. It’s insane. Literally. The definition of it.

I did turn the TV off today, though. I have three clients with tight deadlines right now, each of whom I’m trying to get to a happy place before NaNoWriMo starts on the 1st, so I put on some CDs and worked. I kept working after the CDs stopped, and I listened to what I think are squirrels playing on the roof, in the crawl space, and on the front porch. They’re in nut-hunting season and love our yard. Almost as much as the two neighborhood cats do.


I’m starting NaNoWriMo again with good intentions. At least I already have my outline and my head start this year. It’s also cool weather, perfect for vanilla chai tea and my laptop at Lulu’s.

If only I can tear myself away from the possibility of another Lucy episode. I wish TV Land would play The Lucy Show, too, though. That would be nice.

According to some research, the best way to stop watching television is to wean yourself from it. For example, turn on the set a half hour later each evening and turn it off a half hour earlier than normal. And do this in weekly increments to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Or give yourself an allotment of TV hours each week and decrease that number every two weeks.

Common withdrawal symptoms are insomnia, emotional volatility, anxiety, depression, irritability, loss of appetite. I already have most of these, with the perimenopause and all, but I look forward to the loss of appetite.

Who am I kidding? Another Andy Griffith episode just came on.