Jesus took me to the mall

I thought this topic needed something a little more - something special. I know it deserves more than my inept attempt at a poem.

But I desperately hope, if Deb finds her way here, that she will take it in the cute(!), funny, well-intentioned spirit in which it was written. And if Jesus reads it, I hope He knows how much we appreciate His gift of entertainment.


Jesus took me to the mall By Karen Rutherford Circa 2005, the early poet years


The famous poem “Footprints in the Sand” comes to mind
When Deb talks of how much time
She spends doing this and spends doing that
For every single person that never even has to ask.

But “Footprints in the Sand” feels full of peace
And Deb’s life is way too hectic, full of demands that never cease.
God could never carry Deb; she’s got too much to do and needs to move too fast.
Uphill, but outrunning the memories of the past.

One day recently, she ran out of time and called me in a frenzy.
“I’ve just got to slow down and listen to God and try to be less busy.
“There must be a sign in all this chaos, something to remind me of the key.
The light of God’s purpose I haven’t had a minute to see.”

We talked about praying for God to show her the way
To help her find time to still feel the meaning in each day.
And, indeed, that night in her dreams, He picked her up out of her bed.
“I’ll carry you to a place you go all the time but never really see,” He said.

There were people everywhere she looked, heading in every direction.
Seemingly no goals existed, or maybe too many to mention.
God helped her see herself in every aimless person.
He gently cradled her and told her that, with Him, she didn’t need to run

From things in the past, in the present, in the future; from things that spin her ‘round.
She now knew God was saying that it would be safe for her to slow down.
She called to say, “God answered my prayer and heeded my call.
It may sound silly, but I’ve never felt more at peace than the day Jesus took me to the mall.”