Humble Book Review

I read Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love this weekend. I expected a schedule, a calendar and step-by-step instructions as the title implies, but I didn’t find that. I have an e-mail in to find out where I went wrong as a reader, but haven’t received a reply yet.

I subscribe to Dan’s e-newsletter and love his site. He’s very inspirational and positive - much like Dave Ramsey is about money management. So, I did find the book to be the same. It was full of motivating quotes and statistics, uplifting anecdotes and self-help questions. But there was no schedule to follow. He explained why he picked 48 days (biblical reference, plus 8 extra days), but had no indication of what to do when.

I hope to amend this post when I hear from him or his “people”. I think there is a workbook that accompanies the book. Maybe that has the schedule, but, for now, I’m not sure I’d spend the money without knowing.


**UPDATE: Sure enough, there's a workbook that you can purchase to accompany the book that contains a detailed plan for the reader. I should've known this. :)