Another lucky star

How great is this? My 16-year-old son and his “crew” of friends have decided to attend this Sunday afternoon’s piano recital of a boy they know from school. It was announced during church service and the boy was overheard saying that he didn’t think anyone was coming.

This kid is the perfect kid to whom no other kid can ever measure up. 5.2 G.P.A., accomplished pianist, spelling bee finalist, hockey player, newspaper editor, all rolled up in one compact kid. But he also has intense pressure from his parents and very little time for friends to develop socially or enjoy being a kid. So, while the other kids don’t really get a lot of time to spend with him, they’ve decided to wholeheartedly support him.

My son will sit in the audience and watch this boy excel at yet another event. And he’ll clap and whistle and shout his share of “whoo-hoos”. And I’m more proud of this than I would be if he were the one performing.