David Dwiggins and the Manila American Cemetery

Some years ago, a Hoosier named David Dwiggins moved to the Philippines. And some years ago, he visited the Manila American Cemetery and took a picture of the grave of an Ohio serviceman.

Most of the American servicemen buried there are still listed as Missing in Action. He researched and sent the picture of the grave and a letter to the family in Ohio.

He repeated the process again and again, mostly targeting Indiana graves, and now spends most of his time gathering information, udpating his website, and contacting the families of the men who have been lost for over 50 years.

From the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors video archive.
(The song choice of Dixie is few hundred miles off, but the sentiment is perfect.)

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Dave's Own Story

**David Dwiggins passed away August 13, 2016, at the too-young age of 66. His work was a blessing to so many families. You can read his memorial on Find A Grave's website here